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  • 6 Methods for Video Content Management Systems to Excel in Training and Hiring
    Perhaps the strongest potential for video beyond marketing lies in the concept of creating a full-fledged training library.Article Author: Sean Gordon, Founder and CEO, vidREACH Any marketing coordinator will gladly explain to you the benefits of video content. They’re backed up by plenty of research. One study shows that video distributed via social media generates 1,200 percent more shares from accounts than text and images combined. To add another layer, a report by Aberdeen revealed that companies using video as a part of their marketing campaigns grow revenue nearly 50 percent quicker than those that choose other methods. The wide span of versatility video content has established makes it a certifiable go-to for marketing campaigns, both big and small. At the same time, companies are actively seeking better and more comprehensive ways to manage and leverage all the video content they’re distributing. A popular method many companies go with is the... Read more »
  • C-Level Goals: The Sharpest Tool in the CEO Shed
    Maximizing the impact of sales comp plans to drive your priorities.Article Author: Mark Donnolo, Managing Partner, SalesGlobe CEOs and managers may hunt for new tools and techniques to ensure their C-level messages resonate with their sales teams. But one of the most powerful tools available likely exists within your organization already. It’s the sales compensation plan, and many aren’t using it to achieve maximum results. Put simply: The sales organization goes where compensation leads. Use it to connect the corner office to the front line. Starting with Strategy Defining the C-level goals is the most important first step in success of the sales team. When the leadership group creates, updates, and modifies goals, it should consider priorities in these five areas, with modifications to fit the needs of the company:   Customer: What or who are the right types of prospects for our business? How do we retain our current customers? Product: What are the products... Read more »
  • 10 Mobile Learning Facts You Need to Know Now
    With smartphone sales continuing to rocket worldwide, the possibilities offered by mobile learning are huge. How can you take advantage?Article Author: Mike Alcock, Managing Director, gomo Multi-device learning isn’t just the future—it’s happening right now. Mobile learning has huge potential to enhance everything from on-the-job performance support to microlearning. Here are some of the key facts you need to consider when planning a mobile learning strategy: All mobile phones are mobile learning devices. The number of mobile phone users is expected to pass 5 billion by 2019, which will be a rise of more than 1 billion since 2013. In 2018, the number of mobile phone owners who are using smartphones is expected to make up more than half of the total (Statista, ‘Number of mobile phone users worldwide from 2013 to 2019 (in billions)’ (2018). That means people can access a greater depth of richer content at greater speed. And if... Read more »
  • How to Repeat Important Training Without Losing Your Audience’s Interest
    With a little ingenuity and respect for the power of surprise, you can deliver even the most repetitive training in a way that will keep audiences active, engaged, and learning more than they thought they would. Article Author: Jeff Havens Training is a tricky business. Without it, we’d be lost in 5,000 different ways. But for many people, just hearing the word, “training,” makes eyes start to roll. It can easily conjure up images of stifling classrooms, interminable lectures, and soul-crushing boredom. Of course, there are people who are constantly eager to learn more, but there are also plenty of people who have to be bribed or cajoled or even threatened into paying attention to another mandatory training session. Part of the problem, I believe, is built into the nature of what most training actually is. In the world I occupy (leadership, change management, innovation, and other areas of professional development), very... Read more »
  • How the Google Effect Is Changing Learning and Impacting the Workplace
    We have all the data, details, and answers in the world at our fingertips, but it doesn’t mean we know how to use them. Having the information matters, but understanding how it works is essential.Article Author: Megan Ray Nichols Google is one of the most useful tools to come from the Internet age. Anyone with a computer or a smartphone has the entirety of human knowledge at their fingertips. While this access is an amazing advancement, it has changed the way we learn. Dubbed the “Google effect,” how has the search engine changed the way we think and the way we learn things? Is the Google effect a problem, and if so, what do we need to do to fix it? What Is the Google Effect? How many phone numbers do you remember by heart? For most of us, the list is fairly small. We have smartphones to remember the numbers for us.... Read more »
  • Training Top 125 Best Practice: Strategic Onboarding for New Supervisors at PG&E
    To address challenges in hiring and retaining skilled supervisor candidates, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) developed a more business-focused onboarding solution for new supervisors that includes job-related and leadership development training.Article Author: Edited by Lorri Freifeld Historically, field employees have been reluctant to pursue supervisor roles at Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) because these positions were perceived as undesirable. A supervisor is an exempt classification, so this meant a field employee leaving his or her position for a supervisor role would walk away from significant overtime, while working similar hours with increased responsibility. To address these challenges in hiring and retaining skilled supervisor candidates, PG&E’s leadership saw a need for leadership development and job-related training, which also would help reduce turnover. It was clear a more business-focused onboarding solution was needed in addition to what currently was being provided to new supervisors. In response, PG&E Academy developed a strategic onboarding program... Read more »
  • 3 Tips for Companies Looking to Fill the Tech Skills Gap
    Despite the pessimistic belief that automation will replace human labor, humans will continue to be the center of technological innovation for years to come, which is why having talent with the right skills is so crucial.Article Author: Stefano Bellasio, CEO and founder, Cloud Academy The change of pace within the cloud is quick, and it’s no secret that it’s difficult for enterprises to keep up. The IT industry has been increasingly affected by an expanding skills gap in the last few years, which admittedly has been a key obstacle in cloud transformation for more than 77 percent of organizations. As cloud computing continues to become an enterprise core competency, the skill demands for IT teams are both essential to digital transformation initiatives and increasingly limited. There is general consensus that the skills gap directly hinders the flexibility of delivery, cost savings, and scalability that companies can expect to achieve in the cloud. Despite... Read more »
  • Winning the Talent War #9: Nobody Quits a Dream Job
    If you are going to win the talent war, you will need to create as many career paths as you have people.Article Author: Bruce Tulgan, Founder and CEO, RainmakerThinking, Inc. I was delivering a career success seminar for about 100 summer interns (undergrads and MBA students) in a large accounting and consulting firm. After a while, one young man raised his hand and said, “What I want is to do work that is really interesting and meaningful and I don’t mind working hard, but I want to do it on my own time, you know? I want to work, when I’m feeling inspired… And I also need to work with really smart people I like a lot… in a great company in a location that’s a fun place to live… Where I’m learning every day… And I also want to make a lot of money, I mean a lot of money…... Read more »
  • When Workload Redistribution = Higher-Performer Punishment
    Author: By Margery Weinstein A funny thing happened last week. Not so much funny ha-ha, as much as funny because if I don’t laugh, I’m going to cry. Our department head informed me he had done a workload distribution analysis, and had determined I could handle writing five more articles per week. That would be on top of my current responsibilities of planning, writing/editing, copy-editing, and doing all graphic and technical work for a weekly online publication all by myself. I responded by letting him know I could write articles for the other publications in our department if they could be easily tweaked to also run in my publication, thereby killing two editorial birds with one stone. I followed up by sending him a day-by-day break down of the tasks I do with my estimation of how much additional time I would have each day to take on more work. That shut... Read more »
  • Are You Spending the Night?
    An awkward guest experience led to some misunderstandings that easily could have been avoided.Article Author: Kevin James Saunders, Trainer, Oculus Training Group I love staying in hotels. It’s fun, right? Someone cleans up after you, you get to have breakfast in bed, and you don’t have to make any commitments. It’s my perfect relationship! Recently, while visiting Vancouver, I decided to spend some time in a luxury hotel. I needed to treat myself and wanted to do something special. I used to live in Vancouver, and it is always nice to be a tourist in my own town. After dinner, maybe a bit later than the average Vancouverite would be out and about, my friend and I decided to have a glass of wine in my room. I had a fabulous suite with sweeping views of the downtown core, and it would be a great place to catch up. I called the... Read more »
  • Training “Inside the Box” and Driving Real Performance
    Inside-the-box thinking is a business application that encourages and inspires leaders to look within their company and build an internal foundation of fundamental elements upon which an organization can rest.Article Author: Brad Deutser, Founder and CEO, Deutser The greatest companies in the world. The most successful sports teams. The most recognized artistic performances. It doesn’t matter what kind of team, in what kind of sport or industry, or at what level they are performing, we know both from experience and research that when all people are on the same proverbial page—thinking the same things, accepting roles, and clearly understanding direction—there is a much greater chance for victory and success. In business today, that victory comes in many shapes and sizes. To the leader, it often is defined by increased bottom-line performance. To the manager, it is retention of key workers. To the work force, it is increased happiness with the job, fewer... Read more »
  • The Secret to A-Team Execution
    Excerpt from Chapter 9 of “Conquer Anything: A Green Beret’s Guide to Building Your A-Team” by Greg Stube.Article Author: Greg Stube While serving as cadre at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, I had a student named Riley Stephens. I didn’t like him. Personally and professionally, I saw nothing of value in him. I simply judged him harshly and felt very negatively about him. To my great relief, Staff Sergeant Stephens failed to meet the standards in training. My recommendation was NTR, or Never to Return. I felt so strong in my dislike for him that I couldn’t picture how he had made it as far in training as he did. I even felt as though my own Green Beret would have less value if he got one. He was stealing my oxygen, and the sound of his voice grated on my nerves. Riley Stephens was gone! I was... Read more »
  • 10 Tips to Engage Learners
    For decades, educators have been trying new teaching strategies to keep their learners on their toes and get them excited about learning. Here are some strategies to keep in mind.Article Author: Shimmi Sharma, Sunbeam School Lahartara Have you ever been facilitating a class and looked over at your learners to find them staring into outer space? Just when you think you have created the perfect training program or engaging activity, you find your learners are still not interested. If learners are not paying attention, then how are they going to learn and absorb information? Instructors must find a way to keep their class interesting enough that learners take in the information that is being presented to them. For decades, educators have been trying new teaching strategies to keep their learners on their toes and get them excited about learning. While some strategies fail, others have been found to be effective. Here are some tips to... Read more »
  • Training Top 125 Best Practice: Department of Labor (DOL) Fiduciary Rule Learning at Nationwide
    The vision was to provide engaging, relevant, easily accessible/consumable learning for a diverse target learner population consisting of associates, external and independent contractors, and external agents.Article Author: Edited by Lorri Freifeld Diversified insurance and financial services provider Nationwide last year designed and delivered more than 12,000 instances of learning on the new U.S. Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule to 5,000-plus Nationwide financial associates and agents. This rule indicates that the fiduciary is responsible for putting the best interests of the client ahead of his or her own, necessitating changes in the way associates sell/service financial products. Associates working with clients now must educate rather than advise. The vision was to provide engaging, relevant, easily accessible/consumable learning for a diverse target learner population consisting of associates, external and independent contractors, and external agents. Program Details Learning outcomes include: Develop new behaviors Promote a new way of thinking about the work being done today Drive required changes in... Read more »
  • Happy Holidays—Another Season of Insanity Is upon Us
    During this end-of-year holiday season, it’s challenging to be mindful. Mindfulness takes work, but makes a world of difference. Simply start with a breath.Article Author: Jodie Stewart, Consultant, Exec|Comm Well, the holidays are almost here. What started in October with innocent kids dressed up as super heroes and princesses knocking on my door for treats has evolved into a mad rush as we wrap up our good intentions along with our holiday gifts. We send our clients, our families, and our friends well-meaning gifts that range from fruit baskets to cashmere sweaters. There are potluck lunches and holiday parties, with every invitation hard to resist. It’s practically impossible to say “No.” From weight gain to stomach pain to overall lack of energy, nothing good comes from consistent overindulgence. We live in a never-ending cycle of the harried holiday season, striving to stay on top of it all. Finishing work projects in time to... Read more »
  • December 2018’s Top Reads
    In partnership with getAbstract, Training brings you December’s top three business books recommended to our readers.Article Author: By getAbstract       More than 11,000 business books are published every year—an overwhelming choice for busy professionals. Therefore, in partnership with getAbstract, Training brings you December’s top three business books recommended to our readers. “The Gig Is Up. Thrive in the Gig Economy, Where Old Jobs Are Obsolete and Freelancing Is the Future” by Olga Mizrahi (Greenleaf Book Group, 2018, 176 pages, ISBN: 9781626344938; $16.95 As the advantages of full-time employment diminish—with health insurance, pensions, and other benefits fading away—freelance work is an increasingly appealing alternative. Gig work can offer relative freedom and steady financial rewards. In this brief how-to, educator Olga Mizrahi shows how to utilize third-party apps such as Upwork or Guru to break into the freelance market and build a reputation. She describes how to move from apps to cultivating your personal client base and... Read more »
  • Customer Service Training Lessons—From My Lost Umbrella
    Author: By Margery Weinstein I’ve had a long and noble line of beautiful, big, dome umbrellas I named Gertrude. A dome umbrella is necessary if you walk mile upon mile outside in New York City, which can become surprisingly windy, especially when it rains. The dome umbrella is a thing of beauty because it never snaps inside out, no matter how intense the gust of wind. Some of my Gertrudes have been polka-dotted, some have had black hearts, some have had prints of multi-colored shoes. I’m such an accessories fanatic that I name umbrellas and purses I love the way some people name cars or boats they love, hence, the name Gertrude. I’m up to about Gertrude XII at this point. Or, I should say, I was. I recently had the great luck and privilege to fly first class from New York to Honolulu, HI. The norm is economy for me, so... Read more »
  • 5 Tips to Follow in Light of the #MeToo Movement
    Companies need to be vigilant about maintaining a safe working environment, and workers can help mitigate negative scenarios by keeping in mind these suggestions.Article Author: Sara Jensen, VP, Business Development, Innovative Employee Solutions (IES) Women and men everywhere are speaking up about inequality, injustice, and sexual harassment—all topics that have remained relatively unspoken until recently. Many Americans spend the majority of their day at the workplace, and in wake of the #MeToo movement shifting social attitudes and holding sexual harassers accountable, we see more workplace horror stories coming to light. But even as these truths are revealed, many women still say they’ve seen zero change in their own workplaces. Statistics show 81 percent of women and 43 percent of men have experienced some form of sexual harassment or assault in their lives. Although the same survey states the workplace is the less common place to experience sexual harassment—with 38 percent of women... Read more »
  • Intelligent Learning: Unlocking the Opportunities
    The new learning landscape is a collection of always-on elements working together. The shift to this new architecture is underway, as evidenced by the current priorities for learning organizations.Article Author: David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst, Brandon Hall GroupThere’s been a recent paradigm shift in learning architecture. Moving from course catalogs and compliance to incorporating concepts such as micro learning and personalization, we’ve evolved from e-learning to digital learning in a single generation. This new, complex learning landscape of fresh solutions, legacy systems, and emerging technologies can present multiple challenges for Learning professionals. Organizations also face learning challenges from within. Inability to properly measure impact and a lack of alignment between learning and outcomes are seen as the biggest challenges to achieving learning goals.                                 Actually, learning has been evolving for decades, but that evolution is accelerating. With each new advance, augmenting—rather than replacing—the previous one, we now have a vast array of technologies at... Read more »
  • Training magazine Announces 2019 Training Top 125 Winners
    Rankings will be revealed at the Training 2019 Conference & Expo, February 25-27 in Orlando, FL.Article Author: By Lorri Freifeld FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                             Contact: Lorri Freifeld, Editor-in-Chief, Training magazine   Minneapolis, MN (November 28, 2018)—Training magazine, the leading business publication for Learning and Development professionals, today announced the winners for the annual Training Top 125, which ranks companies’ excellence in employer-sponsored training and development programs. The rankings for the 125 leading organizations will be unveiled during a black-tie awards gala February 25 during the Training 2019 Conference & Expo, February 25-27 in Orlando, FL. “The 2019 Training Top 125 winners highlight the importance and value of training—to their organizations, to their employees, and to their industries and communities,” said Training magazine Editor-in-Chief Lorri Freifeld. “They are on the leading edge as they effectively deliver employee training that pushes the needle forward to meet organizational goals while developing an engaged, creative, and committed workforce. Congratulations to... Read more »