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  • Lack of Leadership
    Excerpt from “Purpose Meets Execution” by Louis Efron (Routledge, 2017).Article Author: Louis Efron Purpose-based organizations tend to attract and hire very smart and driven people. As the organization grows, these people can believe they can do any role well, even leading people, because they are so passionate about the organization’s purpose. There is a tendency to promote great individual contributors loyal to the cause into leadership and management roles without any assessment or even a discussion to determine whether they will be good people leaders. In most cases, there is not even a day of training that accompanies this significant promotion. These people are tossed into the leadership waters to sink or swim. In many cases, they sink as they fail to engage those around them. Sadly, it is only when the organization starts to face substantial business troubles that these people get called out to take the blame for... Read more »
  • Do You Want to Remain Professionally Relevant in the Digital World?
    Timely realization of the changing professional landscape due to disruptive innovation and the level of corresponding astute adaptability becomes the core determining factor in realizing the scale of career progression, career stagnation, or career obsolescence for diligent professionals in the foreseeable future.Article Author: By Murad S. Mirza(Note: All charts are downloadable at the end of the article) There was a time when graduating from a reputable academic institution meant a warm welcome to a safe professional journey with steady climb up the corporate ladder and ending in a respectable retirement from a grateful organization. However, as analog initiatives increasingly have yielded to digital pursuits, business lifecycles have become increasingly susceptible to disruptive technologies, and seemingly secure careers are wavering under the “relevancy” scrutiny. Gaining a degree is no longer considered essential for success in an era when abandonment has become fashionable due to the glaring achievements of dropouts, who continue to receive... Read more »
  • The Power of Ownership
    Just as I owe it to myself to own my words, my actions, and my results, I make the decision to own my customer’s issues and to teach, train, and coach to that skill set.Article Author: Joy Singfield, GOAL Trainer, Learning and Development, Verizon Wireless My best practice is centered around the spirit of happiness and the act of ownership. Every day I make the decision to be happy by accepting who I am as a person. I accept the flaws and find ways to improve them. I accept the mistakes and use them as a platform to fail fast and regroup. I make the choice daily to be happy with who I am and to own my identity. By taking ownership of my identity, my actions, and my brand, I am able to transfer that same method of self-ownership to owning the customer experience in the workplace. It is easy to... Read more »
  • Training Top 125 Best Practice: Finish Strong at Gilbane Building Company
    The new instructor-led course, “Finish Strong: Planning and Executing Strategies for Project Success,” was developed to address and bridge the identified performance gaps of communication, partnering skills, and construction management planning and problem-solving skills.Article Author: Edited by Lorri Freifeld Project closeout long has been an issue on construction projects. As part of Gilbane University’s (GU) continuous improvement process, Gilbane Building Company’s existing “Project Closeout” instructor-led course was targeted for revision. GU reached out to Gilbane’s business unit quality managers and business unit managers of engineering for input as part of a needs analysis to review the benefits and effectiveness of the existing course to the company’s closeout efforts. Project Closeout was developed as a tactical course intended to increase participants’ knowledge of company standard closeout procedures. This was perceived as the major cause of previous closeout failures. However, during the needs analysis, additional root causes of closeout failures were identified. It was... Read more »
  • Training magazine Ranks 2018 Training Top 125 Organizations
    These are the organizations that excelled at employee training and development in the last year.Article Author: Lorri Freifeld Contact: Lorri Freifeld, Editor-in-Chief, Training magazine Excelsior, MN (February 13, 2018)—Leading Real Estate Companies of the World nabbed the No. 1 listing on the 2018 Training Top 125. New York Community Bancorp and BNSF Railway Company retained their spots, No. 2 and No. 4, respectively. Sonic Automotive moved up to No. 3. Dollar General Corporation rounded out the Top 5 for the first time. Some 31 new companies broke into the Top 125 this year. The majority of the companies are in the business services, health/medical services, finance/banking, insurance, and hospitality industries. Training magazine recognized the 2018 Training Top 125 winners with crystal awards and revealed their rankings during the Training Top 125 Masquerade Ball held last night during the Training 2018 Conference & Expo at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. The black-tie... Read more »
  • 5 Critical Ways to Become a Sales Superstar
    The key to becoming a superstar is to understand that sales are relationships. They’re a commitment between the salesperson and the customer, and just like any other valuable relationship, it’s formed through trust and energy and effort. Article Author: Rick Wong, Founder, The Five Abilities, LLC Today’s headlines blare the news that sales are down in everything from designer duds to cars to ketchup. While there are signs that some industries may rally, it’s a wake-up call for salespeople: In order to survive in today’s highly competitive marketplace, they have to become superstars. Not just average salespeople. Not better-than-average salespeople. Such performers won’t keep existing customers while attracting new ones. If salespeople want to survive and thrive, they have use the kind of tactics that will propel them to superstardom—and keep them there. As someone who has worked in top sales jobs at Microsoft and HP, I know what it takes to reach... Read more »
  • 5 Steps to Drive Real Change into Your 2018 Training Calendar
    Everyone must understand the “why” behind needed improvements, the “how” underpinning your training calendar, and the measurement plan that ensures that all participants recognize success when it happens.Article Author: Chris Goede, VP, The John Maxwell Company 2018 is shaping up to be a banner year for business, and pressure is increasing on those responsible for training programs to become true agents of transformational change. Everyone is looking to make substantive and meaningful gains in the performance level of employees and teams. In this type of crucible, the training calendar can become your best friend. Here are five rules to follow to ensure your calendar looks bright for the coming year and becomes a real beacon for the types of organizational and cultural change you want to see happen in 2018. Rule #1: Your Theme Should be Intentional The theme you define for your training program should never be created on a whim. It... Read more »
  • Taco Bell Spices Up Training and Empowers Team Members with Inkling
    Adoption of Inkling’s smart content system boosts customer satisfaction levels while saving Taco Bell $2 million a year in printing and shipping costs.Article Author: By Taco Bell CHALLENGES No direct access to training and job reference materials Inability to search within critical standard operating procedure (SOP) documents Lack of reporting SOLUTION Searchable library of content with online and offline access Easy content creation and one-click publishing In-depth analytics Taco Bell Corp., a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc., is a leading Mexican-inspired quick service restaurant (QSR) brand. Taco Bell and its more than 350 franchise organizations serve more than 42 million customers each week through 7,000 restaurants across the nation, as well as through mobile, desktop, and delivery ordering services. Overseas, Taco Bell has more than 250 restaurants, with plans to add 2,000 more restaurants internationally within the next decade. To keep up this rapid pace of growth, Taco Bell partnered with Inkling to provide better training and on-the-job enablement... Read more »
  • ILT: From Administration Overload to Easy Management in 5 Steps
    Best practices and technology that can improve organizational processes and make classroom training administration effortless.Article Author: Cecile Farriaux, Learning Analyst, Training OrchestraNowadays, “administration” seems to be a taboo word, a process we consider outside the big world of innovation. But with companies relying on training administrators to organize vital instructor-led training (ILT) programs for large populations of employees, it’s time to focus on how to enhance the ease, accuracy, and efficiency of administrative processes. Let’s look at new practices and technology we can use to improve organizational processes and make classroom training administration effortless. The Struggle Training administrators are the key to keeping operations running smoothly. Administration for ILT is fundamentally different than administration for e-learning. It centers around planning sessions at a specific time and place to meet the learners’ needs, with specific resources, instructors, and groups. Conversely, e-learning administration centers around delivering content, and monitoring online courses but without the logistics... Read more »
  • Rest Your Weary Fingers—Voice Activation Is Coming to a CRM Near You
    Soon, Customer Relationship Management users will be able to interact with e-mail, set up activities, and even receive recommendations on the next best customer interaction to initiate—all by simply verbalizing a sentence or two. Article Author: H. John Oechsle, CEO, Swiftpage We spend a lot of time talking to our gadgets these days. Whether we’re seeking directions from Siri or weather updates from Alexa, speech quickly is becoming a preferred means of communicating with technology. A future once at our fingertips now rests at the tips of our tongues. Voice-activated technology doesn’t just afford us fun tools for our private lives—this technology is playing an increasingly pivotal role in the professional world, too. And that extends to the small and midsized business space. Voice activation now is helping small and midsized businesses use customer relationship management (CRM) software with more speed and efficiency. This burgeoning feature is becoming a game changer in... Read more »
  • Are Trainers Really Taking Learners’ Learning Style Preferences Into Consideration?
    Always remember that a trainer’s preferred method/strategy used for training might not be the learner’s preferred method for learning concepts. This will help you focus on designing differentiated training programs that give all learners an equal opportunity to learn.Article Author: Lynnette Clement, M.Ed., Program Director for the B.A. in Organizational Leadership and M.S. in Human Capital Development Programs, La Salle University Too often, some trainers believe that their preferred method and use of training strategies are conducive to all learners’ learning style preference. However, not all learners process information in the same way and could have different learning style preferences that dictate how they learn best. The varied learning style preferences of the learner should be taken into consideration when designing training programs and implementing training strategies. The training strategy should not be determined solely by what the trainer prefers as methods for providing instruction. Our goal as trainers is to teach... Read more »
  • Training Top 125 Best Practice: Florida Blue’s Leadership Academy
    The Leadership Academy focuses on four aspects of leadership that the organization identified as critical for its next generation of leaders.Article Author: Edited by Lorri Freifeld Strategic talent development combined with building leadership bench strength are important components of Florida Blue’s talent strategy and help sustain the company on its journey of enabling healthy communities by being a leading innovator in health solutions. The introduction of a revised Talent Management Review (TMR) process in January 2015 allowed Florida Blue’s Enterprise Learning & Development (EL&D) function to position itself as a strategic business partner as it demonstrated the value of investing in high-potential (HIPO) leaders and securing leadership succession. This was achieved through the launch in 2016 of a high-potential (HIPO) leadership development program called Leadership Academy. Program Details The newly revised TMR process identified a talent pool of HIPO directors from across the organization to participate in the program. Based on a review... Read more »
  • 6 Ideas to Minimize Employee Turnover
    Transparency is key if you want your employees on board with you to accomplish your business goals. The more transparent you are in explaining the inner workings of your company, the more employees feel like they are a part of the business. Article Author: Keiko Kay Hirai, Owner, Studio 904 Hair Design and Spa 1. Establish your vision, mission, and core philosophies. These philosophies are the underpinnings of your business. They spell out the grand vision for where you want to take your business, how you are going to take it there, and what you will do to stay continually focused on your core values and belief systems. If you value the people who work for you, you must clearly spell it out to them. Transparency is key if you want your employees totally on board with you to accomplish your business goals. The more transparent you are in explaining the inner... Read more »
  • 6 Tips to Improve Your Software Developer Training Programs
    To keep good developers while maximizing their creative potential, you need to institute training programs that are comprehensive, detail oriented, and user friendly.Article Author: Kelby Zorgdrager, CEO, DevelopIntelligence Trainers who work with software developers face a tremendous challenge that is loaded with opportunity but also fraught with peril. Software developers are competitors and natural creators who arrive at new jobs determined to set the world on fire, and if you tap into the great potential they possess, your company could benefit tremendously. But fail to train them adequately, and they may leave for greener pastures. Software developers have a highly marketable skill; they are in demand, and if you don’t give them the chance to spread their wings, they’ll find someone else who will. This could be a big problem for your business, since the costs of recruiting and training replacements for departed software developers can be fairly prohibitive. To keep good developers... Read more »
  • February 2018’s Top Reads
    In partnership with getAbstract, Training brings you February’s top three business books recommended to our readers.Article Author: By getAbstract   More than 11,000 business books are published every year—an overwhelming choice for busy professionals. Therefore, in partnership with getAbstract, Training brings you February’s top three business books recommended to our readers. “The Employee Experience Advantage. How to Win the War for Talent by Giving Employees the Workspaces They Want, the Tools They Need, and a Culture They Can Celebrate” by Jacob Morgan (Wiley, 2017, 304 pages, ISBN: 9781119321620; $26) A 2015 Gallup study found that only 32 percent of U.S. workers feel engaged in their jobs. To combat this epidemic of disengaged employees, embrace the concept of providing a positive “employee experience” in every facet of your organization: cultural, physical, and technological. Author Jacob Morgan explains how and why companies that give their employees positive experiences become corporate winners. He provides vital information—down to... Read more »
  • Can You Prevent Employee Stress by Asking for Their Input?
    Author: By Margery Weinstein People have differing tolerance levels for stress. Some people are nearly immune to it, to the point that no amount of pressure can move them to finish a project on time, while others are so overwhelmed by it that they become like flooded engines, so stressed out that they are unable to do anything. Then there’s the happy medium of being able to handle stress, and use it to become more productive. I’ve learned to fall into that last category of using stress to be more productive. But I wasn’t always that way. I used to be more like a flooded engine when stressed out—a person who would procrastinate endlessly because she was so overwhelmed with the idea of doing difficult work. Training managers to be aware of employee stress, including preventing it in the first place, is essential to creating a productive workplace that employees find livable. Whole... Read more »
  • Am I at Work or in High School?
    Dealing with the “mean girls” in the workplace.Article Author: Joy Marlinga, Operations Coordinator, Oculus Training Let’s face it: Gossip is part of our everyday lives and usually has a negative connotation. What creates gossip are conversations about someone else that include facts that may not be true. Gossip also can be about an organization, not just a person. This is why it is so common to hear gossip in the workplace. Research has found that 66 percent of any conversation between two employees is some form of gossip, and 14 percent of what employees chat about during work breaks includes workplace gossip. And contrary to this article’s deck, gossip can come from anybody in the workplace, regardless of gender, job title, or tenure. Now, the facts above may come as a surprise to you since topics such as sensitivity, workplace culture, and diversity have been a huge focus for organizations and HR... Read more »
  • Taking Charge of Self-Development and Growth
    Excerpt from “The Transformational Odyssey: Finding Your Path to Personal Transformation and Self-Renewal” By Robert Barner, Ph.D. (Information Age Publishing, 2017).Article Author: Robert Barner, Ph.D. I wrote “The Transformational Odyssey” to help those individuals who are facing difficult life transitions, and who are attempting to successfully navigate tough life decisions and engage in deep self-discovery. Unlike other self-help books that attempt to provide readers with homespun advice for addressing difficult life challenges, “The Transformational Odyssey” shows readers how to take charge of their self-growth and development. It does this by providing several applied techniques for engaging in deep self-learning in a more profound and fundamentally life-changing way. The title, “The Transformational Odyssey,” reflects the book’s integrative metaphor of transformational learning as a personal odyssey of self-discovery. The word, “odyssey,” connotes a long and sometimes arduous and meandering journey. Although an odyssey may present the traveler with unexpected trials and challenges, in the... Read more »
  • Mistakes Made When Creating a Successful Talent Development Firm
    Excerpt from “The Complete Guide to Building and Growing a Talent Development Firm” by Stephen L. Cohen (ATD Press, 2017). Article Author: Stephen L. Cohen What are some of the mistakes typically made in creating a successful talent development firm? Perhaps too many to list here, but here’s a start, sorted by category: People Hiring successful product salespeople to sell pure consulting services and vice-versa. Not hiring, or hiring the wrong sales leader(s). Selecting an unqualified or inexperienced business partner. Relying too much on others to make the business work for you. Not doing solid background checks regardless of who recommended the potential hire. Not clearly communicating to your staff what’s in it for them. Not terminating poor performers early enough. Hiring the wrong finance director. Marketing/Offer Not having a clear vision of where you want to go and when you want to get there. Branding unclearly and ambiguously. Not being able to live up to your value proposition. Not using a well-thought-out... Read more »
  • How I Crossed the Line
    Recognize the need to leverage the skills of employees outside of your scope to reach a common goal, to learn outside of the classroom. Break down those silos and learn from one another!Article Author: Alaine Carrello, Senior Trainer, Learning and Development, Verizon Being a sales trainer can be challenging, to say the least. Many sales representatives feel they have nothing new to learn. “I pitch, therefore, I am.” Hay is for pitching, not selling. Knowledge is power, and knowledge is what gets you sales. A winning personality and integrity doesn’t hurt either. As a trainer, I’m all about the customer experience, and that includes getting to know your customers on a deeper level. It’s not about getting extremely personal, but what motivates them and how the products and services you can provide will fit into their lifestyle. My role as sales trainer focused on those selling over the phone, aka, telesales. Years... Read more »