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  • Training Top 125 Best Practice: Two Men and a Truck International’s Skills Advancement Program
    This learning opportunity helps the local moving franchise’s employees gain more of an understanding of the business as a whole by becoming certified in specific skills. Article Author:  Edited by Lorri Freifeld Local moving franchise Two Men and a Truck International’s Skills Advancement Program (SAP) is a learning opportunity designed by the Training and Development department, in tandem with the company’s chief talent officer, to help employees gain more of an understanding of the business as a whole by becoming certified in specific skills. All employees have the option to enroll in any of the 13 certifications. Program Details Each certification focuses in on a certain skill in order to make the learner an expert in that particular process. This allows for employees to become more confident in various business areas, as well as continue to develop their personal brand. There are currently 13 SAP certifications available in the categories… Read more »
  • Learning in the Flow of Work Won’t Work Unless It’s Personalized to the LearnerLearning in the Flow of Work Won’t Work Unless It’s Personalized to the Learner
    Leaders need to advocate and design work so that it integrates (without penalizing) different learning styles, requiring an organizational mindset shift. Article Author:  Ray Narine, Associate Director, Talent and Organizational Development, Consumer Reports                     Everyone learns differently. I have seen firsthand that when learning is personalized to meet the needs of the individual, growth is rapid and sustained. This has become clear to me from my experience raising my two boys, both of whom have Autism. Autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech, and nonverbal communication. With a combined 11 years of experience creating the right learning environment for Ethan and Aaron, the incredible progress they have made has made me an advocate and believer in personalized learning. While Ethan and Aaron are both autistic, how… Read more »
  • The Magic of Develop and Implement
    The develop phase is where learning plans begin to take shape and come to life before moving to the implement phase for rollout to and feedback from a pilot group. Presto! Article Author:  Dawn J. Mahoney, CPTD, Owner, Learning in The White Space LLC Welcome back to our review of the “basics.” We’ve made our way through Assessment and Analysis and the Design plan. This Last Word column is devoted to Develop and Implement. A quick thought on the sequence of events, as it relates to project planning methodologies such as Agile and SAM: These methods have the design, develop, and implement phases compressed or overlapping. Overlaying the ADDIE phases ensures nothing is missed, solid plans for execution are built, and the team has agreement before beginning the develop phase. DEVELOP The develop phase is where the plans begin to take shape and come to life (it is a bit… Read more »
  • How Good Is AI at Improving Training?
    Understanding how artificial intelligence works is the first step in figuring out how we can apply it to training. Article Author:  Roy Saunderson, MA, CRP, Chief Learning Officer, Rideau Recognition Solutions When I think of artificial intelligence (AI), I can’t help but jump back to my first exposure to the concept with the film, 2001: A Space Odyssey. Called HAL 9000, the computer in the movie runs by artificial intelligence and is the main antagonist in Arthur C. Clarke’s “Space Odyssey” book series. HAL initially is portrayed as a dependable member of the crew, maintaining ship functions and engaging genially with its human crewmates on an equal footing. Then malfunctions occur in the system and the astronauts try to shut it down. However, HAL takes over the spaceship’s system in order to fulfill its programmed directives and ends up killing one of the astronauts. Thank goodness, this is just science… Read more »
  • The Virtual Trainer (Part 1)
    Transferring face-to-face classroom energy strategies to the virtual environment. Article Author:  Bob Pike, CPLP FELLOW, CSP, CPAE I conducted my first virtual training program in 1986 via satellite. It was for the United States Chamber of Commerce. It was three hours long on the topic of “Creative Presentation Techniques,” and it was delivered to 10,000 people in 700 locations. By all measures, it was a great success. One key reason it was a success was that I developed and implemented a strategy that allowed me to recreate in a virtual environment what I was able to do in the face-to-face environment so successfully. If I can apply my Results-Based Creative Learning Strategies that are so effective face-to-face to that size group, we can certainly make it work with the typical Webinar of 10, 15, or even 50 people. This two-part article will serve as an introduction to all that is… Read more »
  • Positivity Matters in Times of Crisis
    Training, connection, and supportive networks accelerate recovery. Article Author:  Shawn Achor One of the things that surprised me most about positive psychology research is that I rarely get to research places that start out happy. In fact, the majority of my research has occurred in high-crisis or challenge situations. I started with depressed Harvard students, then worked with banks around the world during the financial crisis. I have done work in the wake of school shootings; during the Boston bombings; and with schools in Flint, MI, in the midst of cyclical poverty and a water crisis. More recently, my research led me to the healthcare industry that is reeling financially. What I’ve learned over and over again— even in the most severe situations—is that in times of crisis, positivity matters more than ever. But many leaders worry, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic, economic meltdown, and social unrest, that trying… Read more »
  • Critical Conversations About Racism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    Forward-thinking organizations have already created forums to bring diverse employees together to share their experiences and deepest concerns and fears in the hope that coalitions of understanding and support will result from these interventions. Article Author:  Neal Goodman, Ph.D., President, Global Dynamics Inc. Employees increasingly are polarized and unsure of how to discuss open displays of racism. People of color are exhausted and traumatized by the murder of innocent Black citizens. Their co-workers want to reach out but feel uncomfortable and intimidated discussing racism because they are unable to share their true feelings for fear of being misunderstood, or seen as vulnerable or biased. In response to this need, public institutions such as the National Museum of African American History and Culture are providing public tools to promote understanding ( While these resources are valuable, they do not address the critical internal needs and expressions of concern for most organizations.… Read more »
  • My Brain on Tech: From Zoom Fatigue to Mind Control
    How might we deliver training on a device that is brain controlled? What do instructional designers and developers need to learn in order to understand the breakthroughs in this evolving interface? Article Author:  Phylise Banner I am writing this article in late July 2020. It has been 150 days since I have interacted closely with anyone other than family members without the precautionary measure of using a technology platform of some kind—be it e-mail, phone, Webinar, or amateur radio (yes, I am a licensed operator). Following social-distancing protocols, my social interactions are relying heavily on personal interactions with technology. Every now and again, I find myself exhausted from looking at, and responding to, little faces on the screens of my devices. Apparently, my video-based interactions are causing me to work harder to process the body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions of my colleagues, friends, and family. This is… Read more »
  • Embark on a Reskilling Initiative
    There’s no silver bullet for talent reskilling. Anyone trying to sell you that idea should be shown the exit promptly. Article Author:  Matthew Daniel, Principal Consultant, Guild Education Inertia is the amazing force that helps an object in motion stay in motion, but it’s also the force that keeps stationary objects from moving. Reskilling and upskilling efforts often stall out right at the beginning as projects get stuck in the paralysis of analysis. Today’s times call for wholescale reskilling initiatives. Whether due to artificial intelligence (AI), automation, the COVID-19 pandemic, or an altered regulatory context, “buying” new talent isn’t nearly as cost-effective as building it with people who already understand your mission and culture. To move quickly and effectively, you can’t bite off an analysis of every role in an organization and all of the skills required across those roles—that takes years and is largely irrelevant by the time it’s… Read more »
  • Onboarding: Welcome and PerformanceOnboarding: Welcome and Performance
    A three-pronged framework can help you create an effective onboarding process that enables new hires to learn and then apply what they know to their work. Article Author:  Ross Tartell, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, Psychology and Education, Columbia University I worked for pharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc. for 18 years, but I will never forget my first day. I was very excited when I arrived at work, stepped out of the elevator, and approached my office. I saw my name on the door and my office neatly set up with everything I might need, including my new laptop computer. I then looked around my department but could find no one. Finally, I looked on my desk and found a note on a stack of papers welcoming me, asking me to please read the materials, and letting me know my boss and department would be in sometime later that week. It was quite… Read more »
  • TechTalk (Sept.-Oct. 2020)
    Find out about the latest advances in training technology. Article Author:  Lorri Freifeld NewTek, a leader in IP-based video technology, unveiled its complete live video production system, TriCaster 2 Elite. It provides video producers, visual storytellers, and system integrators and connects virtually with any video source or remote caller. QFinds is a new app that allows job seekers to create professional video CVs for free. Users can sign up, choose their topics or customize their message, film their content, and share their video with actively looking employers. Aura Identity Guard launched the Aura Identity Guard Digital Halo, a fully integrated cybersecurity suite that empowers a company’s employees to take control of their identity protection, data privacy, and device security within a single platform. TopClass LMS by WBT Systems now allows organizations to create, manage, and host virtual conferences and events from within their learning management system (LMS), expanding audience reach… Read more »
  • Happy to Be Home
    More than half of the respondents (60%) to a FormAssembly survey prefer to work from home for the near future, with 27% open to a part-time model. Article Author:  Edited by Lorri Freifeld FormAssembly, a cloud-based form and data collection platform, asked 100-plus customers key questions regarding the work-from-home mandate during the COVID-19 pandemic, including lessons learned and the appetite for being in a “real” office again. Key findings include: • There is no hurry to return to the office. More than half of the survey respondents (60%) prefer to work from home for the near future, with 27% open to a part-time model. • Video is the new black. Some 81% of respondents spent one to three hours on video per day, with 16% spending more than four. More than half (54%) prefer video meetings over face-to-face—even when they return to the workplace. • Zoom tops every list as… Read more »
  • Sticky Notes: Get Back to Basics with Shareable Job Aids
    A step-by-step guide to creating a shareable job aid. Article Author:  Bruce Tulgan, Founder and CEO, RainmakerThinking, Inc. Sometimes old-fashioned technology is the best technology. Here’s how to create a shareable job aid: Write out step-by-step instructions for the task. Break each task into its component steps and break each step into a series of concrete actions. Perform the task slowly, keeping one eye on the instructions you prepared. Make corrections and additions to your instructions as needed. Perform the task again slowly, and make further corrections and additions. Include as many details on each step—and in between each step—as you can think of. Write a new draft of the instructions in the form of a checklist. Ask someone else to try using your checklist. Get their suggestions for further corrections and additions. Use this checklist to guide you in completing your task and also for making notes along the way.… Read more »
  • What Are You Working on?
    As your coach, I challenge you to engage in three conversations this month that will help ensure you are working on the right things while modeling motivation for those you lead. Article Author:  Jason W. Womack, MeD, MA 2020 has been unlike any year we have seen. And it is not over yet. Open your calendar and look out to December. How do you feel as you think about the next few months? As your coach, I challenge you to engage in three conversations this month that will help ensure you are working on the right things, and, perhaps more importantly, model intentionality and motivation for those you lead. 1. Clarify the vision. Define the milestones you aim to achieve. Sit down with a few people on your team (or across the video screen) and recommit to including the purpose you are working toward. 2. Check reality. You can do… Read more »
  • New Products & Services (Sept.-Oct. 2020)
    The latest products and services launching in the training industry. Article Author:  Lorri Freifeld R3 Continuum (R3c) launched its new Emotional Comfortability Index (ECI) that measures the current stress levels in states, helping employers to monitor and assess potential organizational, behavioral, security, and crisis support needs based on workplace locations. Progress Coaching launched Journal-Based Coaching, which enables organizations to expand their training and coaching beyond virtual delivery. Employees and leaders can participate in 12-week programs and turn in their journals for accountability objectives. Live In Their World, a Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) company that combines psychology and technology to help change workplace behavior, launched a new remote learning program using virtual reality (VR) that places its users into the “shoes” of another person to experience what it feels like to be on the receiving end of various forms of bias and incivility. Safeture AB added a new tool to its Website that… Read more »
  • Partnerships & Alliances (Sept.-Oct. 2020)
    The latest training industry mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and more. Article Author:  Lorri Freifeld Phenom, a global leader in Talent Experience Management (TXM), and Collaborative Solutions, a global finance and HR transformation consultancy, entered a strategic alliance agreement to help new Phenom users quickly implement, adopt, and optimize the artificial intelligence-driven TXM platform that covers the candidate, recruiter, employee, and management experience. Perceptyx, an employee survey and people analytics platform, acquired the Employee Insights business of data, insights, and consulting company Kantar. EdCast, a learning experience platform (LXP) that delivers upskilling and training to employees at Global 2000 companies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) worldwide, formed a partnership with General Assembly, which has provided training to nearly 80,000 learners in high-demand fields such as data science, digital marketing, and user-experience design. Through the initiative, General Assembly will offer its programs, courses, and certifications through the EdCast Marketplace. AVATAR Partners, an innovator in… Read more »
  • COVID-19’s Impact on Training
    An industry survey conducted by Learn Events and VR training company Mesmerise shows how training programs are focusing on new topics and embracing technology amid the pandemic. Article Author:  Edited by Lorri Freifeld As Learning and Development (L&D) leaders adjust to the challenges of the post-pandemic environment, an industry survey conducted by Learn Events and VR training company Mesmerise shows how training programs are focusing on new topics and embracing technology: All respondents reported that their L&D programs will be impacted by COVID-19, and 85% said they plan to develop new programs as a results. For L&D programs currently in development, leadership and remote learning topics are top priorities, followed by mentoring, new technology, and health and safety. On average, the top 5 highest-rated training needs are: safety at work, financial compliance, GDPR, sustainability, and Diversity & Inclusion. Highlighting the trend toward technology innovation, while only 10% of respondents had experienced… Read more »
  • Top 10 Tips to Get Your Workplace Tech Ready
    Making sure we’re equipped with the technology to best handle the changes in the coming decade. Article Author:  Edited by Lorri Freifeld None of us have any idea how we’ll be working come 2030. But we can make sure we’re equipped with the technology to best handle the changes in the coming decade. With that in mind, Condeco Software created a list of 10 top tips to get your workplace tech ready: 1. Optimize and refine. It’s natural to want to branch out with bigger work space, but occupancy-sensing software can help you better manage your office space. 2. Say hi (properly) to AI. Artificial intelligence has the potential to go beyond chatbots and uncover internal information about your business’ workflows and efficiency. 3. Take agile to the next level. Apps and mobile integration are a must for your workplace technology as you further enable a fully agile business. 4. Make… Read more »
  • Status Check
    Communication and technology are always important, but they are particularly crucial during challenging situations such as hurricanes and pandemics. Article Author:  Lorri Freifeld Hurricane Isaias gusted across Long Island in early August, toppling trees, ripping down electrical lines, and leaving my 70-plus-year-old parents and 400,000 other New Yorkers powerless for more than a week. The electric company instructed customers to text it with outage notifications and status requests. The first day, each of my parents’ texts received an “Error” message. And the company’s phone line was perpetually busy. The next day, replies to their texts noted that power would be restored by 1 p.m. Then 5 p.m. Then 9 p.m. Then 11 p.m. This went on for seven days. Imagine the frustration—amid COVID-19 restrictions, no less—this lack of communication and technology failure caused. Communication and technology are always important, but they are particularly crucial during challenging situations such as hurricanes… Read more »
  • Training Top 10 Hall of Fame Outstanding Training Initiatives (Sept./Oct. 2020)
    Each year Training magazine requires all Training Top 10 Hall of Famers to submit an Outstanding Training Initiative that we share with our readers. Here are the details of Booz Allen Hamilton’s Data Science 5K (DS5K) and KPMG LLP’s Continuous Learning on Tax Reform. Article Author:  Edited by Lorri Freifeld Booz Allen Hamilton: Data Science 5K (DS5K) In early 2017, Booz Allen Hamilton realized it needed to make a commitment to data science—developing current employees to be the data scientists of tomorrow. In response, Booz Allen launched the Data Science 5K (DS5K) initiative with a goal of having 5,000 data scientists in its employ by 2020. The first step toward achieving this goal was to determine the right mix of external recruiting and internal upskilling efforts to bridge the data science talent gap. The firm decided to train 1,200 employees and hire hundreds of trained data scientists each of the… Read more »